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The staff at Logo.me is committed to fast, flexible, friendly and personalized service through a committed core of efficient, detail-oriented professionals. We offer an expansive and versatile line of promotional products to fit any budget. We are here to make your promotions simple and easy!


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How Our Pens and Pencils Are Made

How are pens imprinted?

Promotional pens are often screen printed or laser engraved. Laser engraving looks elegant yet lacks color. Imprints from laser engraving may contrast with the color of painted metal or plastic pens.

Pens are often screenprinted to showcase a colorful logo. The ink is transferred through a screen, replicating a very detailed imprint. Screen printing allows the use of many colors on many materials, and it prints very easily on rounded surfaces.

What does “No. 2” mean for a pencil?

Pencil "lead" is actually graphite. Graphite is ground into a fine powder and mixed with clay and water. The number on a pencil is relevant to the firmness and darkness of its graphite. Higher numbers mean harder graphite which makes lighter markings. Softer graphite is designated with lower numbers making it darker but easier smudging.

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